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SACHIN H. JAIN                                                                                             Polymer Technology









·     Jain S., Murata K., Anazawa T.     

Methods of producing Polymer composites”                   

(Togan Hei 2000, 326845, 26th October 2000) : - referring annealing and post-cure effect.


·     Jain S., Murata K., AnazawaT.

“Manufacture of transparent resin composites with high tensile strength”,

(Patent no: JP 2002200623; A2; 20020716; CAN 137:80002; AN 2002:531156)


·     Jain S., Murata K., Anazawa T.

Manufacture of thermosetting resin/chain polymer composites having enhanced toughenss”, 

 (Patent no.: JP 2002241618; A2; 20020828; AN 2002:650090)


·     Jain S., Murata K., Anazawa T. 

 “Methods of producing Polymer composites”,  

 (Togan Hei 2001-073916, 15th March 2001): - thermoset/UV-cure/linear polymers system, controlled  gelational degree by UV-cure contents