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SACHIN H. JAIN                                                                                             Polymer Technology


Work Experience






June 00 Jan. 01        Dai Nippon Ink and Chemicals, Inc., Sakura, Chiba ken, Japan

JETRO Intern–Polymer Chemistry Division, Kawamura Institute of Chemical Research


·        Polymerization induced phase separation and polymer confirmations and structures in the blends of photopolymers and various thermoplastic polymers specially HPP.

·        In-site formed nano-composites of photocurable polymers: morphology, mechanism and its control.

·        Characterization of blends using SEM, TEM, optical microscope, light scattering techniques, DSC, TGA, to study the effect of time, temperature, annealing and intensity of UV radiation on morphology and thereof final properties

·        Mechanical and optical properties measurement on IPNs, semi-IPNs and nano-scale phase separated systems & Viscoelastic phase separation in polymer blends

·        Ternary blend of UV curable resins, semi-crystalline and amorphous thermoplastics to get transparent yet crystalline films and coatings.

·        Microfabricated photopolymer devices for DNA polymerase reaction

·        Artificial lungs design, processing and parameters optimization.

·        Applied for 3 patents and 3 papers are to be submitted on this work.



Aug. 98 – June00       The University of Akron, Akron, OH, USA

 Research AssistantDept. of Polymer Engineering


·        Nano-composites of PES/Epoxy /Fumed silica prepared by melt mixing using internal mixers using epoxy as dispersant for nano-fillers and processing aid.

·        Reaction induced phase separation in the blends of thermoset and thermoplastics polymers with thermoplastics as major component.

·        Characterization of composites using SEM, TEM, optical microscope, light scattering techniques, DSC, TGA, DMTA, WAXS, SAXS.

·        Impact of nano-scale modification of composites on mechanical, thermal, optical & barrier properties.

·        Published two papers:


“Dispersion of nanofillers in high performance polymers using reactive solvents as processing aids”, Polymer; 42, (2001), 6897-6905


“Investigation of microstructures and properties of polyethersulphone (PES)-cured epoxy   system”. Proceedings of PPS-16, June 18-23, (2000),  Sanghai,  China, p.455.


·        Various Presentations



Aug. 97– Aug. 98      National Chemical Laboratory,(Govt. of India undertaking) Pune, India

Research Assistant  - Polymer Science Division,                  


·        Designed, performed and analyzed experiments in connection with Structural developments (Crystallization and morphology) in Nylon-Polypropylene blend prepared by extrusion with special aspect of in-situ fiber formation – The first of its kind.

·        Characterized the Blend, and established optimum processing conditions (injection molding) and methods so that the in-situ formed fibers, that act as reinforcing material to give synergistic properties, are not broken.




June 97-Aug 97      Reliance Industries Limited, Mumbai, India

Student Intern  - Product Application and Research Center         


·        Tested effect of nucleating agent on the mechanical and optical properties of blow molded polypropylene products.

·        Established the optimum ratio of HDPE and LDPE for film formation with low thickness and uniform strength in both direction

·        Obtained hands on experience on processing equipments such as rotamolding, injection molding and extrusion and testing of commercial products for chemical, mechanical, optical and electrical properties.