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Why I chose graduate school:
There is no limit to what you learn and one can be student all though his life. I wanted to learn more and to adpat different thinking way to solve problems. I wanted to see different place, meet different people, live in different situtations and neverthless enjoy completely different culture.To make life better for one and everyone around, I think one need to take initatives towards taking positive roles as a leader of society and it can come through sacrifies and education.

MS- Polymer Engineering
June 2000
College of Polymer Science and Engineering.

The University of Akron, Akron, OH, USA

"Nanocomposites of High Performance Engineering Thermoplastics Polymers using Epoxy as processing aid and dispersing agent of nanoparticles"

Thesis Advisor: Dr. Sadhan C. Jana


College of Polymer Science and Polymer Engineering

About my work:

* Studied epoxy based Nano-composites of PES/Epoxy /Fumed silica prepared by melt mixing using internal mixers.
* Studied reaction induced phase separation in the blends of thermoset and thermoplastics polymers with thermoplastics as major component.
* Characterized composites using SEM, TEM, optical microscope, light scattering techniques, DSC, TGA, DMTA, WAXS, SAXS.
* Studied improvement in Mechanical and thermal properties measurement by modifying composites at nano-scale.


*"Investigation of microstructures and properties of polyethersulphone (PES)-cured epoxy system" (Presented at PPS-16, Sanghai, China, June 18-23 2000).
*"Reaction Induced Phase Separation in Polymeric Blends of Thermoset and Thermoplastic."(The University of Akron, 1999).
*"Goodyear under Sam Gibara" (The University of Akron, 1999)


*Jain S., Jana S."Investigation of microstructures and properties of polyethersulphone (PES)-cured epoxy system" Proceedings of PPS-16, June 18-23, 2000,Sanghai, China, p.455.
*Jain S., Jana S."Dispersion of nanofillers in high performance polymers using epoxy as processing aid." Submitted to Macromolecules