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SACHIN H. JAIN                                                                                             Polymer Technology


Publications and Patents






·      Jain,S., Radhakrishnan,S.,  Inamdar,S.,  Saujanya C., and  Sainkar,S.,

"Structure Development and Properties of in-situ formed Poly (propylene) / Nylon fibrous Composites". POLYMER (LONDON). in press .


·      Jain S., Jana S.

“Dispersion of nanofillers in high performance polymers using reactive solvents as processing aids”, Polymer; 42, (2001), 6897-6905


·      Jain, S. Jana, S.C.,

“Investigation of microstructures and properties of polyethersulphone (PES)-cured epoxy   system”. Proceedings of PPS-16, June 18-23, (2000),  Sanghai, China, p.455.

·        Jain, S. Jana, S.C.,

“Dispersion of nanoparticles in high performance polymers using thermosetting resins.”Annu. Tech. Conf.- Soc. Plast. Eng. (2001), 59th(Vol. 2), 2180-2184.

·        Jain, S., Murata, K., Etori, H., Anazawa, T.,

“ Photopolymerization-induced phase separation in binary blends of photocurable/linear polymers”, Polymer; 43;9; (2002) pp. 2845-2859


·        Jain, S., Murata, K., Anazawa, T., 

Improvement in Mechanical Properties by Photopolymerization Induced, Phase Separation and Controlled Morphology, in Polymer Blend of Photcurable/Linear PolymersProceedings of PPS-18, June 16-20, (2002), Guimaraes, Portugal, P006.


·        Jain S., Murata K., Anazawa T.,

“ Local phase separation and nano structures from semi-interpentrating polymer networks structures”, Kawamura Rikagaku Kenkyusho Hokoku (2001), 21-31. (ISSN: 0917-7841) (written in Japanese)


·        Jain, S., Murata, K., Anazawa, T.,

 “Nano-structures developed from semi-interpenetrating Polymer networks structures  ” submitted to Macromolecular Chemistry and Physics.





·      Jain S., Murata K., Anazawa T.      

Methods of producing Polymer composites”                               (Togan Hei 2000, 326845, 26th October 2000)

: - referring annealing and post-cure effect.


·      Jain S., Murata K., AnazawaT.

“Manufacture of transparent resin composites with high tensile strength”,    

(Patent no: JP 2002200623; A2; 20020716; CAN 137:80002; AN 2002:531156)


·      Jain S., Murata K., Anazawa T.

Manufacture of thermosetting resin/chain polymer composites having enhanced toughenss”, 

 (Patent no.: JP 2002241618; A2; 20020828; AN 2002:650090)


·      Jain S., Murata K., Anazawa T. 

 “Methods of producing Polymer composites”,                                  (Togan Hei 2001-073916, 15th March 2001)

: - thermoset/UV-cure/linear polymers system, controlled  gelational degree by UV-cure contents.